Nearly 100 participants cycle for life!

The 6th edition of the Défi Cyclo-Myélome was held on May 26th in the area surrounding Venise-en-Québec. Some 100 participants gathered in support of those who suffer from multiple myeloma and to support HMR research into this incurable cancer. As of today, they raised nearly $74,000 thanks to the mobilization of everyone involved and to an awareness-raising campaign that keeps growing year over year.

Even the day’s driving rain could not diminish the friendly vibe and motivation of participants. On the contrary, Défi founders Maryse Bouchard and Francine Ducas proudly led the latest edition of the event, happily noticing the ever-growing mobilization of participants. “At the first edition, we were 14. Today, some 100 people have gathered for the Défi and the event has raised over a quarter of a million dollars [since the beginning]. Our strength comes from the unwavering support of our participants. We are like one big family,” confided Maryse.

This year, the activity benefited from the support of Danny Wade, the spokesperson of the 6th edition. Although Danny, an HMR patient who suffers from multiple myeloma himself, was not able to hop on his bike that Saturday, he felt strongly about supporting this activity, a source of hope for him and for many other patients. “At 42, when I received my diagnosis, doctors said my life expectancy would not see me go beyond my 50th birthday. (…) I live in hope that research [will enable me] to defy the odds and live a long life with my kids and the people I love.”     

About the Défi Cyclo-Myélome

The purpose of the Défi Cyclo-Myélome is to raise the public’s awareness about multiple myeloma and help to advance research into this little-known and incurable form of cancer. Founded in 2013 by Maryse Bouchard and Francine Ducas, to date, the event has raised over $275,000 for multiple myeloma research at the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, in collaboration with the Université de Montréal Myeloma Canada Chair.


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