Mother and Daughter United Against Cancer: $9000 for Research

The Foundation brings together an entire community of people who commit to doing their part to support the HMR. When faced with a difficult challenge, in recognition of the care they received or in honour of a lost loved one, they draw on their entourage, their talents and their ideas to organize fundraising activities.

Inspired by the strength of character that her mother demonstrated when disease came knocking at her door, Susana Cruz decided to join the HMR Foundation to raise funds for the advancement of research into hematological cancers.

When a patient receives a cancer diagnosis, it’s as if the sky is falling down around them. Of course, their entire family is also shaken up… Since July 2018, Susana Cruz has watched her mother, who suffers from acute myeloid leukemia, muster ten times the determination and courage to confront this disease.

“We knew that my mother was strong, but we never imagined the strength she had inside. She declared war and brandished her weapons with her head held high.”

A whole army mobilized by Susana’s side. On June 10, 2019, surrounded by over 80 friends and family members and with the support of the Hébert Team and Bravi Restaurant, Susana organized a fundraising dinner in honour of her mother and in recognition of the exceptional work done by the HMR doctors and patient care staff that is taking care of her.

The event exceeded everyone’s expectations and raised over $9000, an amount that will definitely make a difference and that has encouraged Susana to renew the activity over the next few years.


Just like Susana, a multitude of active and generous people take every opportunity to get involved, in their own way. From the ground up, they create and organize activities that reflect who they are to support the HMR as well as the Foundation, which is so deeply grateful.

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