The Astounding Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande

The history of this magnificent winemaking estate dates back to the end of the 1680s. However, it is only in 1850 that Virginie de Pichon Longueville and her two sisters inherited the majority of the vineyard from their father. A few years later, the estate was awarded the Second Grand Cru Classé classification. In 1978, it was May-Eliane de Lencquesaing’s turn to inherit and she succeeded in bringing international acclaim to the estate! In 2007, the Louis Roederer Champagne house acquired the vineyard and continued to create several exceptional wines.

Comprised of 87 hectares, the vineyard is located near the Gironde and borders the vineyards of Château Latour. Gravel and clay hillsides foster excellent drainage, enabling Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande to grow exceptional quality grapes. The 45% Cabernet Sauvignon brings structure to the wine and contributes to its longevity, while 35% of Merlot gives it the colour and silky mouthfeel. This proportion is surprising and unusual in an appellation that favours Cabernet Sauvignon.


Did you know?
Today, the estate’s second wine, Reserve de la Comtesse, represents 20% to 50% of the Château’s total production.


Join us for the next edition of Montréal Passion Vin to discover Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, a winery where finesse and elegance create the perfect balance!


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