One of the most sought-after lunch dates in town!

As part of the next edition of Montréal Passion Vin, the Burgundian houses of Laroche and Champy will be joining the party at Club Chasse et Pêche for a meal that promises to be quite a delight for the eyes… and the tastebuds!

The story of Domaine Laroche is intimately linked to the history of Chablis. The estate is spread across 90 hectares of vineyards located among the very best crus. Still today, the winery’s craftsmen continue to produce and age the Premiers and Grands Crus in their historic cellars, a testament to 1000 years of history!




As for Maison Champy, originally founded in 1720, it is the very first wine trading company in Burgundy! Located in the heart of Beaune, on an exceptional historical site, Champy is renowned for the quality of its Grands Crus.

Served at the famous Club Chasse et Pêche, an essential player of the Montréal gastronomic food scene, Laroche and Champy will reveal every subtle attribute as they are paired with dishes imagined by renowned restaurateur Hubert Marsolais and chef emeritus Claude Pelletier. A great moment of pure delight!


An exceptional trio that will leave you perfectly satisfied!


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