Helping Researchers Find the Answers: $75,000 to Foster Knowledge and Hope

Just like any dad on the planet, John Sangster would have moved heaven and earth when he found out his daughter had lymphoma, a cancer that often involves the lymph nodes. And just like every doctor, he wanted to understand and find a cure for the disease.

Dr. Sangster undertook research upon research to unearth even the smallest clue. He found this clue when he happened upon a webinar given by Dr. Jean-Sébastien Delisle, a hematologist and researcher at the HMR, who specializes in the field.

Although Dr. Sangster lives hundreds of kilometres away with his family, in London, Ontario, this is where he found the most extensive expertise and the beginnings of an answer to his daughter’s illness. 

At the HMR, he met Dr. Jean-Sébastien Delisle and Dr. Isabelle Fleury. Their team does not possess the key to remission quite yet. However, there is definitely hope. They are currently building knowledge about the disease and they are developing and using innovative cellular therapy treatments with very promising initial results.

Dr. Sangster was so inspired by hope that he decided to make a major donation of $75,000. The Fonds d’Excellence pour la Recherche et les Traitements du Lymphome John F. Sangster will help support this research and its clinical applications as well as facilitating the organization of scientific conferences at the HMR to maintain local expertise in this area.

For the next 7 to 10 years, the fund will provide the researchers and their team with a major source of support to maintain the development of treatments that offer the greatest hope to patients with lymphoma. 

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