Dr. Valérie Janelle and Dr. Annabelle Minguy: Proud Recipients of the Cherbaka Scholarship

Left to right : Dre Valérie Janelle and Dre Annabelle Minguy

Jeffrey Michael Cherbaka was a determined young man who wasn’t afraid of taking risks to make his dreams come true. Following a courageous battle with leukemia, Jeffrey passed away at the age of 28. To honour his memory, his parents, Michèle and Normand Cherbaka, created an endowment fund to award two $2500 scholarships every year to graduate students and doctors undergoing postgraduate education at the HMR. This scholarship is earmarked for leukemia research to improve patient diagnosis and care.

This year, the Committee has selected doctors Valérie Janelle and Annabelle Minguy for the relevance and rigorous nature of their work in leukemia research. This scholarship will enable Dr. Valérie Janelle to further explore a new avenue relating to the method of immune cell transplantation to treat hematological cancers. As for Dr. Annabelle Minguy, she will continue developing a new protocol that teaches immune cells to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

The Cherbaka Scholarship is a source of hope for leukemia patients. It will enable doctors Janelle and Minguy to develop treatments for this type of cancer.



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