Dr. Aditi Sood and Dr. Guillaume Richard-Carpentier Awarded the Jeffrey Cherbaka Scholarship in Support of their Promising Research

The Scholarship is named after Jeffrey Michael Cherbaka, a young lawyer who died from leukemia when he was 28 years old. Wishing to pay him the most worthy tribute, reflecting his determination and his ambition, in 2010, his parents created an endowment fund, enabling the Foundation to award two $2500 scholarships every year. These scholarships are intended for graduate students and doctorsundergoing postgraduate education at the HMR and help support future scientific research efforts in leukemia.

Doctors Aditi Sood and Guillaume Richard-Carpentier were chosen by the Selection Committee for the quality of their project and their interest in working on leukemia. Thanks to the financial support provided by this scholarship, Aditi will be able to pursue her research efforts in cellular therapy and contribute to the development of innovative leukemia treatments. For his part, Guillaume will continue working on his research project that aims to improve diagnostics and the choice of therapies for patients suffering from this type of cancer.

In both cases, the Jeffrey Cherbaka Scholarship will have a real impact on their research and contribute to the development of new therapies to fight this disease. “Scholarships like this one make a significant difference in the career of young researchers like us by giving us the confidence and motivation needed to persevere and go beyond our limits,” added Dr. Richard-Carpentier. A source of hope for so many HMR patients!

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