Donation from the Club de l’Âge d’Or Parc Coubertin

On April 29, the Club de l’Âge d’Or Parc Coubertin made a $500 donation to the HMR Foundation. The organization raised this amount by holding a number of different activities, including bingo, cooking workshops, theme parties and a bake sale.

Through this contribution, club president Gerlando Parisi, and his members – nearly one hundred of them – chose to honour the memory of Mrs. Gesua Sciascia, Mr. Parisi’s wife, who was treated for pancreatic cancer here, at the HMR.

Donated in recognition for the care she received, this generous gift will enable the hospital to continue improving the health care and services provided to young and older patients at the HMR.

The HMR Foundation wishes to thank all of the members of the Club de l’Âge d’Or Parc Coubertin!

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