When pins and bread ties turn into donations

pins and bread tiesA former employee of Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) turns can tabs and bread clips into gold. Find out how!

Collect, sort, and recycle to give

For Raynald Arsenault, can tabs and bread ties have a very special value! For over thirty years, he has been collecting them, then reselling them to companies for recycling. The proceeds are then turned into donations supporting the Neonatal Unit and Pediatrics Department at HMR.

Thank you Raynald for your great contribution!

Find out what motivates Raynald

Over $ 60,000 for Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont

Although he got started in 1989, it wasn’t until 1995 that he managed to raise enough money to make his first gift to the HMR Foundation. At the time, the funds were used to purchase pediatric beds.

Dons - coussins allaitements - raynald arsenaud

With the money recently raised, Raynald and his accomplice, Lucie Majort, generously donated six breastfeeding pillows.

Since then, Raynald has donated more than $ 60,000 for the benefit of our little patients, supporting the acquisition of, among other things:

  • pyjamas.
  • nursing pillows.
  • a training manikin for the nursing staff.
  • games and toys.
  • breast pumps.

Raynald’s initiative has made quite an impression! He even got to meet MC Gilles, as part of the Infoman TV show, on Radio-Canada, in 2019.

Watch the ICI Télé segment (around the 1 min 40 s mark) – in French only

Get involved

You can follow in Raynald’s footsteps by starting your own fundraising initiative! Contribute to the advances being made at the HMR and to the well-being of its patients!

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