United in the face of hardship: Lulu Hughes supports Dodo in realizing the Integrated Cancer Centre

Diagnosed with breast cancer last July and treated at the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, singer Lulu Hughes quickly offered her support to Dominique Michel, the volunteer spokesperson for the Integrated Cancer Centre fund development campaign, to help Dodo with her fundraising efforts. Their objective: To raise the $12M required for construction of the future HMR Integrated Cancer Centre

“It was important to me. Although I am receiving extraordinary care at the HMR, I am also aware that the hospital has urgent needs. I am supporting Dodo and the HMR Foundation as a patron because the Integrated Cancer Centre will make an enormous difference in the life of patients and their families, while contributing to the advancement of medical breakthroughs to treat cancer.”

On November 3rd, she will be joining Dominique Michel and several other friends from the entertainment world to celebrate two milestones: 5 years of remission for Dodo and the 5th anniversary of the À Votre Santé!  benefit.

“I am so fortunate to be able to count on Lulu Hughes. We are united in the face of hardship and we share the same fight,” said spokesperson Dominique Michel. “If I am in remission today, I owe it all to the excellent care provided at the HMR. I got involved for all of the patients that I met and for all of those who will be faced with this terrible diagnostic. At my age, I dream of seeing them break ground for the Integrated Cancer Centre. We have already reached the eight-million-dollar mark in five years. We can’t stop now, because this project is vital!”

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