Triple the Value When you Donate to Improve Patient Care!

On November 11th, Dominique Michel declared: “Mission accomplished!”  In total, the J’appuie Dodo Campaign raised $13,155,560 in support of the future Integrated Cancer Centre. Recently named Ambassadrice de coeur (Ambassador with a heart of gold), Dominique is still very committed to improving care for all patients. 

“Those who know me understand: When something is dear to my heart, I always find the energy to carry on! November 28th is Giving Tuesday, a day when people across the country express their attachment to a favourite cause. I am joining forces with Desjardins to invite you to perform an act of kindness: Help those suffering from cancer or any other illness by renewing your donation to the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Foundation.”

Right now, Desjardins is giving you the opportunity of tripling your donation!

“You probably know that I have had cancer, and I met dozens of patients who were also going through the same painful experience. I can tell you that your donations really help us during such trying times. Every day, your donations contribute to providing us with high-quality care and support. They especially provide the invaluable hope of a cure. Hope in the form of the development of new treatments, to which HMR researchers and doctors are so passionately devoted every day. On this extraordinary day of generosity, I want to thank you for joining Desjardins and myself to support the well-being of HMR patients. Together, we can carry on!” said Dominique Michel.

Take this opportunity to be a source of healing for Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont patients. When you give to the HMR Foundation by December 31st, your support will be worth three times more. THANK YOU for your generosity!

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