The “J’appuie Dodo” Campaign Ends On A High Note: Mission Accomplished For The Future HMR Integrated Cancer Centre!


The Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Foundation (FHMR) weekend of festivities, encompassing its two flagship fundraising events, the À Votre Santé! evening and Montréal Passion Vin, helped the foundation raise a record amount on November 9, 10 and 11. This amount has enabled the HMR Foundation to exceed its $12 million objective for the J’appuie Dodo Campaign, spearheaded by spokeswoman Dominique Michel. In total, $13,155,560 were raised in support of the future Integrated Cancer Centre, the only integrated centre in Quebec to offer cutting-edge cellular therapy treatment. In recognition of her invaluable support, the HMR Foundation is pleased to name Dominique Michel as its “Ambassadrice de cœur” (Ambassador with a heart of gold).

 “I never imagined it would get this far. Today, I can say, ‘Mission accomplished!’ 12 million! And all thanks to whom? It is thanks to you who have been extremely generous!” said Dominique Michel, during the À Votre Santé! evening.

“I owe this success to the artists, to the public and to the business people… To all of those who supported us throughout the years, exclaimed Dominique Michel. Today, I wish with all my heart that the extraordinary mobilization inspired by the J’appuie Dodo Campaign will remain alive, enabling the HMR Foundation to continue to support the best of tomorrow’s medicine today. Thank you all!”


Our Cause: The Future HMR Integrated Cancer Centre


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