TELUS Health Supports the Work of 26 Researchers

Photo officielle - représentant Telus, HMR et FHMR

On September 11, the HMR Foundation underlined TELUS Health’s significant contribution to medical research.

The company donated $500,000 to HMR Research Centre startup funds. Thanks to this donation, since 2017, twenty-six researchers have received the funding that is indispensable to the success of their projects.

“This is major! Your contribution makes such a difference! We see great potential and donors such as you enable us to make strides in our research projects until we are able to launch them in support of patient well-being,” explained Dr. Denis Claude Roy, Scientific Director of the HMR Research Centre.

As part of the event, Luc Vilandré, President, TELUS Health and Payment Solutions, and his team had the chance to visit the laboratories and to meet three of the scientists who benefited from their donation. “In keeping with our philosophy, at TELUS, we give where we live. We are passionate about giving back to the communities where we live and work. It is extraordinary to see that financial resources lead to concrete results. You are the ones who do the real work,” he stated.

Dr. Santiago Costantino, Director of the Biophotonics Research Unit, underlined the importance of startup funds. Thanks to this funding, researchers are able to begin exploring potential opportunities that are yet untapped. “This is where true innovation begins!” he said.

The Foundation wishes to thank TELUS Health for the exceptional donation that will enable the HMR to take one more step toward the medicine of tomorrow!

Every donation, big and small, helps propel research forward! Like TELUS Health, you can help our researchers pursue their efforts.


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