Isabelle Houde’s next challenge: climb 1.5 vertical metres for every dollar donated

In summer 2016, Michael was diagnosed with bone cancer that had metastasized to the lungs. After receiving the biopsy results, Michael started on chemotherapy treatments. After a year, the chemo became much less effective and Michael had to turn to another option: immunotherapy, a treatment proposed by the medical team at HMR.

His wife, family, friends and coworkers, and especially Isabelle Houde, a close friend, were at his side to support him through this difficult time. Feeling upset and powerless in the face of her friend’s fight, Isabelle wanted to offer more than moral support. To do that, she, along with Michael’s friends and family, organized a variety of sports challenges through the Plus loin ensemble (“Further together”) Facebook page. Their goal is to raise $5,000 that would go directly toward research into an innovative therapy called immunotherapy.

Armed with an endless drive to surpass herself, Isabelle rallied the troops to take part in the challenges she organized, because without their contributions, her fundraising efforts would not have been nearly as effective or unifying. For example, last July, Isabelle, along with her family and friends, organized a “burpee-o-thon.” For every dollar raised, participants committed to do one burpee, an exercise combining push-ups and jumping. That one event raised $2,280.

Knowing that Michael’s fight is far from over, Isabelle will be undertaking another sports challenge on October 21: the Vertical Climb challenge. For every dollar raised, Isabelle will hike 1.5 vertical metres on Mont-Saint-Hilaire. With the funds raised so far, she will climb up and down the mountain twice!

Full of energy and an inspiration to everyone, Isabelle is helping to advance immunotherapy research through her generosity. Her contagious involvement helps give patients living with cancer hope of a cure.


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