Hommage à la Vie Benefit Concert Raised $35,000

Choosing medical assistance in dying is not easy. Those who make this decision wish to share a moment of harmony and serenity as they part from their loved ones.

This was Gloria’s wish. She made her choice following some ten years of cancer treatments. According to her wishes, she passed away on April 18, 2018, with her family by her side, in dignity and surrounded by love, in the HMR’s Palliative Care Unit.

If a loved one were going through such a process, we would want the end of their life to be as comfortable as possible. This is what Gloria wanted. Although she appreciated the staff and care she received, Gloria would have liked the surroundings to be warmer and cozier.

“We promised Gloria that her death would have meaning. We promised that we would mobilize family, friends, colleagues and the HMR Foundation to raise money on her behalf to enhance the well-being of patients at the end of life.”

Her sister Gina and her son Laurent kept their promise by organizing the Hommage à la vie benefit concert, a musical show inspired by Gloria, on May 8, 2019. For the occasion, 250 people gathered to see and hear the Femmeuses chantantes and their guests. The event was a great success!

In addition to the show, Gloria’s family auctioned some of her paintings; during her treatments, she expressed herself by putting paint to canvas.

The event raised a total of $35,075! This money will be used to improve the level of comfort and the last moments of patients at the end of life.


You too can help make a difference by supporting the Foundation. You can make a donation or follow Gina and Laurent’s lead by organizing an event.


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