Multiple myeloma research: HMR nurses rewarded

Nathalie Lachapelle, Marie-Pier Lecours-Cyr, Myriam Hébert, Anne-Marie Châtelain et Édith Cartier_infirmières recherche myélome multiple

Myriam Hébert, Nathalie Lachapelle, Édith Cartier, Anne-Marie Châtelain and Marie-Pier Lecours-Cyr

The Myeloma Canada organization recognized the excellence in nursing care demonstrated by the team of nurses working in the multiple myeloma clinical research team at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont.

Noticed and recognized nursing expertise

Congratulations to Nathalie Lachapelle, Marie-Pier Lecours-Cyr, Myriam Hébert, Anne-Marie Châtelain and Édith Cartier who have just received the Marion State Memorial Myeloma Canada Nursing Award 2021, for the excellence in myeloma nursing care. A well-deserved recognition!

Versatile professionals with strong leadership

The recipients have shown remarkable leadership in adjusting their practice to the many changes caused by the pandemic. They have been able to adapt their approaches to this new reality, by:

  • performing non-standard follow-ups;
  • regularly modifying treatment plans;
  • accompanying and supporting patients in the process.

A team dedicated to patients and their quality of life

Fleur et prix

The group received a plaque and a bouquet of flowers to recognize the distinction.

This recognition highlights the contribution of the entire clinical research team to improving the quality of life and survival of patients with myeloma. Their involvement with patients and research is essential.

About the multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma, a disease that is still incurable to this day, is a cancer of the bone marrow caused by a failure of white blood cells. Symptoms can, however, be controlled with different treatments. However, research is promising, more and more patients are living longer.

Clinical research on multiple myeloma at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont

Nathalie, Marie-Pier, Myriam, Anne-Marie and Édith are part of Dr. Richard LeBlanc‘s research team. Together, they aim to improve patient care and try to innovate every day to care for more and more patients for almost 20 years. Over the years, this research team has built a unique reputation, thanks to many innovative research projects

Beyond patient care, the research team works jointly with Myeloma Canada to inform, educate and educate myeloma patients and their loved ones.

Dr. LeBlanc has held the Myeloma Canada Chair in Multiple Myeloma at the Université de Montréal at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, since 2012.

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About the Marion State Memorial Myeloma Canada Nursing Award


Marion State

The Marion State Memorial Myeloma Canada Nursing Award recognizes the work of Canadian nurses who demonstrate excellence in nursing through their leadership, teamwork skills, passion and commitment to advancing the care of patients with myeloma.

 The award was created in recognition of the outstanding contributions of nurse Marion State to the Canadian myeloma community.

In 1996, she was diagnosed with myeloma and founded a support group for myeloma patients in the greater Toronto area. It was the first group of its kind to emerge in Canada.

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