Breast cancer: generous financial support to help women affected by Chemobrain

The Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont is developing a pilot project full of hope for female cancer patients suffering from cognitive impairment associated with their treatment (chemobrain).

Vital and ground-breaking in Quebec, this project has been made possible thanks to major financial support from the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, which is donating $350,000 as well as from the HMR Foundation and its monthly donors, who are contributing $20,000.

The goal of this pilot project is to screen for, assess and address the cognitive issues associated with Oncology treatments that are often accompanied by related issues such as stress, loss of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and a perceived reduction in work ability. Of course, this constellation of cognitive, behavioural, and affective symptoms has repercussions on the lives of these women, as it affects their ability to function and their relationships, both at work and at home.

Using a multifaceted intervention, the HMR’s interdisciplinary team hopes to make the experience easier for the person affected and her loved ones when dealing with this disease and its consequences. Thanks to donations, this initiative will undoubtedly contribute to ongoing improvement in the quality of care and services provided to cancer patients, and can later be shared with other teams working with breast cancer patients throughout Quebec.

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