An Inspiring Story of Healing, an Inspiring Family

About 26 years ago, Patrick Ouellet received a diagnosis that no one wants to hear: He had leukemia.

After undergoing chemotherapy coupled with a number of side effects, Mr. Ouellet participated in Dr. Denis Claude Roy’s big project: bone marrow transplantation. Following a successful operation, his life took an unexpected turn; thanks to the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont’s (HMR) expertise in cellular therapy, he was cured, for good.

In order to support Dr. Roy’s work and enable countless future patients to also be cured, every year, Patrick Ouellet, and his father Marcel Ouellet, organize a golf tournament to raise funds that are entirely dedicated to the HMR Research Centre. In the past 12 years, they have raised no less than $57,000. Thanks to everyone’s actions and generosity, the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Foundation is proud to say that at the HMR, cellular therapy is tomorrow’s medicine, available today.

Thus, as a way of underlining the Ouellet family’s commitment, the HMR Foundation held a recognition activity in their honour on July 4th.

Take part in the next edition of the Golf Tournament!

The 21st edition of the Patrick Ouellet Golf Tournament will be held on August 12th. You also have the power to contribute to research efforts in the fight against leukemia. Your donations will make a difference today. Support the Patrick Ouellet Golf Tournament by making a donation:

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