A Mural for Cancer Patients

Murale pour les patients de l'HMR

Since October 15, 2021, patients in the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) Oncology Unit have had the pleasure of admiring a new mural.

Created by artist Isabelle Duguay, the mural will allow patients who stay in the unit for extended periods to find a little peace of mind.

A More Pleasant Stay

The creation of this mural was made possible thanks to the contribution of two generous donors: Dr. Lorne Aaron and his wife, Dr. Valérie Lamarre. A great art lover, Dr. Aaron has been hospitalized in the Oncology Unit since the beginning of September 2021. To bring a little colour to the view outside his window, his family decided to provide him with a little art therapy.


Dr Aaron dans sa chambre

When Dr. Aaron and his wife first saw the room, despite all the new equipment, the concrete wall outside his window weighed down their spirits. Dr. Aaron was going to be spending several weeks in this room, and it just clicked in his wife’s mind. “Because he is so passionate about visual art, I immediately thought that a mural would make all the difference. We wanted something that everyone would like, something sweet and joyful, reminiscent of the lake that is so important to our family’s life,” explains Dr. Lamarre.

This is exactly what Isabelle Duguay conveyed in her mural filled with comfort and tranquility.

I was starting to get better when the work on the mural started. It makes me proud and happy that my family and I can help improve other patients’ quality of life. The sight of a wall covered in graffiti, day after day for several weeks, is a small assault on the eye. Especially when you’re so sick and vulnerable. While gazing at a soft, colourful, soothing and joyful work of art allows you to escape for a few moments, it fosters hope and it lifts your spirits.Dr. Lorne Aaron
Dre Valérie Lamarre et Isabelle Duguay, artiste visuel

Dre Valérie Lamarre et Isabelle Duguay

Patient Well-Being

The lively colours painted by the artist will contribute to the well-being of patients who remain in this unit for long stays. Working tirelessly to improve patient care, the HMR Foundation was very happy to be associated with this project.

The HMR Foundation had made it possible to purchase various equipment to make each patient’s stay a little easier. Among other things, each room has a TV, a mini-fridge, and a microwave.

A huge thank you to Dr. Aaron and Dr. Lamarre for their colourful gift.

You too can contribute to patient well-being. Make a donation today.


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