Covid-19: The HMR Foundation Needs You

Visuel du Coronavirus, COVID-19We are collectively undergoing an exceptional and unique event: A global pandemic, which forces us to change our lifestyles, to put our lives on hold, and to be, more than ever, supportive of each other.

Let’s take care of ourselves… and of others

The first priority is to take care of yourself, to respect the public health measures put in place by the Government to protect yourself while at the same time protecting others. In doing so, you are helping our Guardian Angels, all health care workers, who face the health crisis daily.

The HMR is on the front line

Like Dr. François Marquis, head of the Intensive Care Unit at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR), who reassures you with his daily media interventions, or Dr. Lambert Busque, who set up a screening clinic in record time, all HMR personnel are on the front lines, serving a large and particularly vulnerable population prone to serious respiratory problems and therefore to COVID-19.

A Foundation that listens and needs your help

The HMR Foundation is stepping up its efforts in support of its Hospital:

  • To ensure that all staff (doctors, researchers, nurses, orderlies, auxiliary health workers, etc.) have everything they need, at all times, to deal with the pandemic.
  • Because disease does not take a break during the pandemic.
  • Because, every day, you, your loved ones, and the entire population of East Montreal rely on the HMR and its staff.

For all these reasons, it is more important than ever to be UNITED, SUPPORTIVE and GENEROUS NOW. Let’s redouble our efforts, let’s be responsive to the needs of the HMR!

Your donations empower our Guardian Angels and have a direct impact on those most affected by the current health crisis, patients!

I support my Hospital and its staff.

On behalf of the staff of the HMR, all patients and their families, thank you for supporting us.

Together, let’s be a source of hope and healing!

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