BMO Bank of Montreal, a Long-Standing Ally

For over 35 years, The HMR Foundation (FHMR) has benefited from the invaluable support of BMO Bank of Montreal through major donations, as well as via the commitment of generous BMO volunteers. René Douville, Senior Vice President & Head—Corporate Finance Division at BMO Bank of Montreal is one of those generous volunteers who offers his time to support the Foundation’s mission.


What are the values shared by BMO and the HMR Foundation?

BMO’s commitment to the Foundation is no coincidence. From the time of its foundation over 200 years ago, BMO has created a culture that is deeply rooted in the spirit of philanthropy and helping one another.

Thereby, our contribution to the field of medicine is a way for us to give back to the community and to pay tribute to all of those who so passionately and devotedly contribute to maintaining the community’s health. The HMR is a leader in many fields of research and it is an honour for BMO to contribute to maintaining and advancing health care efforts.

Beyond the donation, supporting the Foundation is an investment. It goes well beyond the financial aspect. We are very pleased to contribute to an important cause that is so in sync with our institution’s moral foundations.


Several BMO employees sit on the HMR Foundation’s fundraising event organizing committee, as well as on the major campaign cabinet and the Foundation’s Board of Directors. You are one of them. Why is this important to you?

Indeed, several of my colleagues have given their time as members of the Board or of various committees. One of them who comes to mind and who makes a real difference is Gilles Jarry, former BMO Senior Vice President in Quebec. He has been sitting on the Foundation’s Board of Directors for over 37 years. He is also one of the instigators of Montréal Passion Vin and a tireless member of the Organizing Committee.

As for me, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to support such a foundation in recognition of the exemplary perseverance and hard work done by the hospital’s entire medical staff.


What it is that makes you so proud to be involved with us and for the HMR’s patients?

When we listen to the doctors and researchers and we learn more about the HMR, the care provided there and the treatments developed at the hospital, we gain so much more insight into the cause. The pace of innovations has greatly accelerated. What they are able to do now would have looked like science fiction just a few years ago. BMO feels very fortunate to take part in furthering the HMR Foundation’s efforts to support patient well-being.

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