Chorale du fonds CROIRESince 2012, the CROIRE Fund has provided psychological and social support to people affected by cancer as well as to their loved ones. An initiative spearheaded by Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) radiation oncologists, there are over 30 workshops available to cancer patients. Meditation, self-hypnosis and laugh yoga are offered to help people learn to live better.

The CROIRE Fund helps people understand specific cancer-related issues through workshops on food, sexuality or stress as well as holding conferences on hormone therapy or lymphedema. The CROIRE Fund also offers massage therapy for patients undergoing treatment. Some 30 patients have formed a choir and are experimenting with the benefits of signing. 
Every year, this program helps over 1000 patients go through conventional therapy, participate actively in the healing process and regain a good quality of life after they have had cancer. 

The CROIRE Fund does not benefit from any sort of funding or financial assistance to implement these invaluable workshops designed for HMR cancer patients. This program is a source of healing and comfort thanks to your generosity. By donating to the HMR Foundation, you support CROIRE Fund actions for patient well-being. THANK YOU!