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The Défi Cyclo-myélome is a way for me to band together with all the participants and donors to one day conquer this cancer. It’s also an opportunity for me to pay tribute to the people who are battling it, to the researchers who are trying to cure it, and to everyone taking part in support of patients living with it. And, let’s face it, this challenge is just plain fun! When you sign up as a group, you experience a sense of camaraderie and support that makes you forget about everything else that’s going on!

– Maryse Bouchard, patient at HMR and co-founder of the Défi Cyclo-myélome

Its volunteers, donors, and employees walk the talk—something the HMR Foundation is very proud of, which is why it organizes activities to help them with their fundraising mission.

Our flagship activities

Patrick and Kira’s Fundraising

Join Patrick and Kira’s fundraising for the well-being of HMR’s little patients.

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The CROIRE Fund is a source of comfort for many patients affected by cancer. Discover their outstanding workshops.

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