Planned giving

Supporting the important work done by HMR since the time you were a child, and contributing to scientific advances and the development of new treatments for still incurable diseases are just some of the causes you can continue to champion even after you’re gone.

You don’t need to be old, rich, or childless to make a planned gift to the HMR Foundation. There’s no reason why you couldn’t make a difference.

Gift in your will

You could name the FHMR in your will, qualifying your estate for a donation tax credit. Your heirs will benefit from the tax deduction, thus avoiding a more significant reduction in the inheritance to be divided.

Download the information sheet on bequests

Gift of life insurance policy

You could increase the value of your donation to the FHMR, i.e. pay a certain amount that ensures a larger donation in the event of your death? By designating the FHMR as one of the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy, it costs you less to give more.

Download the information sheet on gift of life insurance policy

Gift of securities

If you plan to make a large donation and you hold financial securities, it may be advantageous to consider donating the securities rather than selling them? It’s a simple way of making a donation at a lower cost.

Download the information sheet on gift of securities 

Download the securities donation form 

Endowment Fund

An endowment fund is a contribution where the original capital is preserved in perpetuity. Only the interest generated from the capital is used for the purposes outlined by the donor.

You can set up an endowment fund now and allow the unit or department of your choice to benefit from the capitalized income of the endowment fund.

For further information or creating an Endowment Fund, please contact HMR Foundation at 514 252-3435.

For more information:

Contact our major gifts advisor at 514 252-3435