Dominique Michel becomes our Ambassador with a Heart of Gold

2017 has marked a turning point for Dominique Michel and the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) Foundation. The “J’appuie Dodo” Campaign, spearheaded by the actress for the past 6 years, finished on a high note by exceeding all expectations! In recognition of Ms. Michel’s invaluable support, the HMR Foundation is pleased to name her as its Ambassadrice de cœur (Ambassador with a heart of gold).

The “J’appuie Dodo” Campaign, a Source of Hope and Inspiration

Dominique Michel felt immense joy in hearing the news that she was in remission and immediately wanted to share this feeling so that more cancer patients could also feed their hope for a cure. Dominique got involved with the Foundation with all the determination and generosity that we have always seen from her.

Publicity campaign, media interviews, sale of promotional items, her presence at benefit events, personal requests… True to herself, Dodo gave 120% to help those suffering from cancer. By the same token, she enabled the HMR Foundation and its hospital to shine on all stages and raised awareness of its achievements at top speed.

For 6 years, Dominique Michel “lent her voice to those who have none” and rallied countless supporters to a cause that was dear to her heart: The creation of an Integrated Cancer Centre at the HMR. Surrounding her, celebrity friends took it in turns to support this project. Public figures such as Patrice L’Écuyer, Guy A. Lepage, Boucar Diouf, Annie Pelletier, Jean-Pierre Ferland, Marc Hervieux, Pénélope McQuade, Stefano Faita, Marie-Josée Barrette agreed to lend their image to the campaign.

Today, Dominique has completed her mission with a deep sense of accomplishment. The donations collected as part of the “J’appuie Dodo” Campaign have met and even exceeded the $12 million objective set out for the Integrated Cancer Centre project, estimated at over $80 million. The fund overage will be invested in cancer research.

Then why stop here? Dominique Michel has no intention of doing so and plans on continuing to make a difference. “Today, I hope with all my heart that the extraordinary mobilization inspired by the J’appuie Dodo Campaign will remain alive, enabling the HMR Foundation to continue to support the best of tomorrow’s medicine today!” she said.


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