Chocolate for Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital teams

Picture of Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital staff were treated to a Chocolatey Mother's Day

Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont staff were treated to a Chocolatey Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, a former patient and his wife offered chocolates to the staff of Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont. Find out how and why.

A day unlike any other

March 5, 2020 will forever be a special day for Sylvain Dufour, President of Edgius, world leader of the Cacao Barry brand, and Andrea Doucet-Donida. On that day, Sylvain had a heart attack and two cardiac arrests that led him directly to the emergency room and then to the cardiology and intensive care departments of the Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR).

Sylvain and Andrea were struck by the attention and humanity of all the intensive care and cardiology staff, despite the stressful context brought about by the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic in Quebec.

Thank you…for the chocolates

Touched by so much care and humanity, Sylvain and Andrea decided to do something special to thank the staff. They organized a fundraiser called Give Caregivers Chocolate! Their goal? To raise $2,000. Cacao Barry would double that amount to $4,000.

Local Chocolates for Mother’s Day

The $4,000 were used to donate chocolates, purchased from local artisans, to the cardiology and intensive care teams for Mother’s Day. The chocolate shops that participated are: Christophe Morel Chocolatier, Lecavalier Petrone, Joane L’Heureux Chocolats and Chocolat Boréal.

Bravo and many thanks to Sylvain and Andrea.

About the NotWithoutMyChocolate initiative

This initiative aims to promote local chocolate and pastry makers. NotWithoutMyChocolate is a website that allows the public to quickly and easily find artisan chocolatiers who offer services appropriate to the current context:

  • Home delivery of chocolates,
  • Take-out orders,
  • Online ordering or gift cards.

Order your local chocolate

This idea was born before Easter, a time of the year that can account for up to 30% of the annual turnover of chocolate and pastry makers. This is what prompted Andrea Doucet Donida and Sylvain Dufour to launch the NotWithoutMyChocolate web platform. This initiative became a global project when the Cacao Barry brand officially joined the platform. It is still possible to order chocolates and pastries online.

˃ I Order my Chocolate.

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