Creation of the Integrated Cancer Centre


Goal : $12,000,000

Raised : 83%

The mortality rate for all types of cancers is higher in the East of Montreal than in other parts of the city. Given the increasing number of diagnoses and the grim forecasts for the future, Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont and its Foundation have decided to build an Integrated Cancer Centre (ICC) for their patients. And Dominique Michel has been there for supporting them for the past five years!

The ICC is even more crucial given the way the hospital is currently laid out, forcing weak and ill patients to move between departments to receive their treatments. Actor Dominique Michel, who was treated successfully at HMR for colon cancer, got a first-hand look at the patients’ urgent needs. She’s a strong supporter of the project and now she’s asking for your support, too.

“On behalf of all the patients who, like myself, will be confronted with this devastating diagnosis, I’ve agreed to act as the spokesperson for the HMR Foundation for a cause that’s very important to me: the creation of an Integrated Cancer Centre at HMR. This Centre isn’t an extravagance, it’s a necessity. I urge you to support this project by giving generously to the HMR Foundation.”

Patients at the future ICC will receive personalized care adapted to their type of cancer, along with cutting-edge treatments developed from medical discoveries, in a single, bright and friendly location.

The ICC will house the following departments:

  • chemotherapy,
  • radiation therapy,
  • hematopoietic stem cell transplantation,
  • immunotherapy,
  • cellular therapy,
  • surgical oncology,
  • psychosocial support,
  • art therapy and music therapy,
  • massage therapy and more.

The spaces will be laid out for maximum comfort and well-being, with special emphasis on patient privacy and safety, especially in those with a weakened immune system because of a blood cancer or a transplant.

All about the patient

Inspired by some of the most renowned hospitals in the world, the HMR’s Integrated Cancer Centre will pave the way in the province by assembling so many departments, not to mention research centres, including the Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy, under one roof. Patients will be immersed in a continuum of care, innovation, and research in which they will be treated at a single location, without interruption, by a team of professionals who will all work together.

Why donate?

  • In the near future, close to half of all Canadians will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, compared to one-third today.
  • Every hour, 22 people find out they have cancer and approximately nine people die from the disease.
  • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are expected to increase by 133% and 65%, respectively, at HMR in the next three years.
  • Thanks to the Integrated Cancer Centre, HMR will be able to meet the increasing needs of these patients with renewed compassion and professionalism.
  • Thanks to the Integrated Cancer Centre, basic and clinical research, as well as the resulting new treatment opportunities, will be transferred more effectively to the patients.

Give to improve patient care

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