Sources of motivation

They clearly understand their role in the great chain of solidarity. They believe in the importance of encouraging gestures of sharing and support to advance patient care, research, and teaching at HMR, one step at a time.

Their stories are sure to inspire you to get involved yourself!

Xavier Choquette-Corbeil

«My father, François Corbeil, was treated at the HMR for seven long years, for a sarcoma.»

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Sonia Verdy

« I live in Hope »

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Clarisse Defer

Living better with disease

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Anthony Haddad

A fight for life itself!

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Nicolas Dugal

The Dugal Clan Is Running to Pay it Forward

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Ariane Desrochers

Sweet Bites for Tiny Tots

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HMR Diabetes Day Centre

When a Challenge Is also a Source of Fun!

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Frechette family, dedicated volunteer

«Volunteering has always been important to our family.»

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Thérèse Ouimet

One last act, to ensure that life goes on

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